Jim Bregante—San Diego’s Waterfront Through the Eyes of a Child

The Ocean Beach Historical Society Presented San Diego’s Waterfront Through the Eyes of a Child Featuring Jim Bregante August 15th

We learned so much as we stepped back in time with Jim Bregante’s historical presentation of San Diego’s Waterfront and Little Italy. We took a historical journey along the waterfront and Little Italy, from the 1930’s to present, narrated by Jim Bregante, a native San Diegan. An experienced speaker, Jim is a Docent for the San Diego Maritime Museum, a member of the San Diego History Center and the Italian Historical Society of San Diego. Jim shared his experience of growing up in Little Italy, near all the vibrant waterfront life, via a PowerPoint presentation with pictures from historical and family archives…. Depicting his family’s start in the fishing industry, his experiences on the waterfront as a youth and life in Little Italy; Jim’s memories were shared and treasured to our group.

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