The Incredible and Mysterious Hidden Past of San Diego County— Richard Carrico

Our Sept. 19, 2013 program “The Incredible and Mysterious Hidden Past of San Diego County” was very informative and interesting.
Noted anthropologist and historian Richard L. Carrico lectured on the hidden past and mysteries of ancient San Diego County. Richard took the audience back thousands of years to explore a people and a land that few know about.  Richard delve into possible meanings of prehistoric rock paintings (pictographs) and carvings (petroglyphs) that dot our landscape, he discussed Kumeyaay knowledge of our vast universe, explore Kumeyaay pharmacology as shown through native plant use, detail the ancient roots of Indian gaming in the region, and explain how at least one local Kumeyaay holy man got the best of the Christian devil. He spoke on how Indians cured and treated some common ailments, or how some of our mountains were formed, how the pine trees moved from the coast to the Cuyamacas, or the Kumeyaay name of Ocean Beach, Mission Valley, and San Diego, and how Kumeyaay made pigments. If you missed this facinating program or want more infonation:

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