“Ripples in Time” with Dr. Russell Low

OBHS presented Zoom Teleconference Nov. 18, 2021,Ripples in Time” with Dr. Russell Low.

An old photograph may be much more than just a record of a place and time. An historic photo might provide a clue which unlocks a story from the last century.  San Diego radiologist Dr. Russell Low told just such a story, part of his own family’s history, in his book, Three Coins:  A Young Girl’s Story of Kidnappings, Slavery, and Romance in 19th Century America.  In his lecture, Ripples in Time, Dr. Low shared his decades-long search for his own family’s roots. Also, how so many people who came to this country, by choice or not, faced hardships in search of the “American Dream”. Info. or to buy the book “Three Coins”. Book Sales go to: Nursing Scholarship to Cal State San Marcos Link to website: https://www.russlow.com/ 

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