Happy Holiday Links

Dec. 2021- Happy Holidays. Enjoy an animated OB Holiday Card from OBHS’s Ray & Kathy Blavatt:

OB Holiday Fun!
Spirit of OB’s Christmas Past
©Ray Blavatt

See OBHS’s “Spirit of OB’s Christmas Past”. This holiday treat brings you the experience and the spirit of OB’s Christmas Past. Decades of O.B. historic photos of Christmas Trees, Sandcastles, T-Shirts, the parades, and more. Relive the fun-filled cherished O.B. holiday events.

A Page from History: The twisty past of OceanBeach’s holiday tree
BY ERIC DUVALL DEC. 13, 2021, Point Loma and OB Monthly:
Well, that would depend on your vantage point. Or what side of the (chain link) fence you’re on. But all that aside, the Ocean Beach community Christmas tree is greeting its 41st consecutive season this year, and its preposterous, zany and improbable history is certainly something to celebrate. Article LINK: https://www.pointloma-obmonthly.com/news/story/2021-12-13/a-page-from-history-the-twisty-past-of-ocean-beachs-holiday-tree

OB Tree now Sunset View Elementary School Bench

Enjoy a post from Scott Mac Laggan of Point Loma:Some may be wondering what becomes of the OB Tree after Christmas.  Does it go to a landfill? Is it ground into mulch?  In recent years the S.D. Urban Timber folks (https://sdurbantimber.com/) have rescued the trees and turned them into many useful products. In 2014 the Star Pine my grandfather planted in our front yard in Loma Portal in 1960 was donated and became that year’s O.B. Christmas tree. S.D.U.T. designed and built a wonderful Whale themed bench from that tree and donated it to the Sunset View Elementary School Whales. The trees live on. 

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