2022 Updates

Many changes happened in 2021 due to COVID. The Ocean Beach Historical Society went through many of its own changes… some good and others challenging. Technology is helping OBHS preserve history through online videos, teleconferencing, posting of information and photographs, and making contacts.
In the past couple years, the OBHS and its feature presenters have taken our programs to new levels through teleconferencing, more movies, recorded presentations, and more multimedia programs. Many of these productions intend to be fun while providing windows into our local history through great vintage photographs, film clips, and animation, and more.
OBHS has upgraded our website with a new look with news, a link to our Ocean Beach Historical Society Online You Tube® Channel at: Videos & OBHS YouTube. Our Sea Scrolls newsletter is changing to bi-yearly and we will continue our program announcements to members through creative postcards. Many of our Sea Scrolls from the last decade can be found on our archive page. We hope you enjoy our website and upcoming 2022 programs.

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