OB Exposed! A Photo Perfect 19th Year!

OB-Exposed-Montage-2013-smThe 19th Annual OB EXPOSED! was a photo perfect night! Photographic Impressions of Ocean Beach & Point Loma filled the Masonic Center on Fri., May 17th.

Congratulations to OB EXPOSED! 2013 WINNERS: Best in Show: Don Johnson – O.B. Phil #1, Color: Ray Hitchcock – Sunset Splash, Black & White: Don Johnson – O.B. Phil #1, Special Effects: Fran Del Santo – Electric- A Young Woman Writing in Her Journal Vintage: McElwee/Peace, Vince Adami – Looking North of OB from Cliff Area (1917), People’s Choice (voted by show attendees): Jane Swanson – Dog Explores Cave at Sunset Cliffs

Thanks to Donors (all those Great Refreshments): Point Loma Masonic Lodge; C.J.’s Catering & Speciality Baking; European Cake Gallery; Newbreak Coffee at the Beach, OB Business Center; OB People’s Co-op; OB QuikStop; Olive Tree Market Place; Pepe’s and Shades. Also, Thank You to the OB Business Center, Judges Joe Ewing & Steve Rowell, volunteers, and participants that help make this a fabulous event. 

Start clicking those photos for next years as we celebrate the 20th OB EXPOSED!

3 thoughts on “OB Exposed! A Photo Perfect 19th Year!

  1. is there any way to find out who won? I wasn’t able to attend due to my son’s college graduation ceremony

  2. The Ocean Beach Book will be available in April 2014. There are different rights agreements with donors and the San Diego Historical Center. Some of the images are already part of the archives available for purchase, others won’t be available until after until the book is out, and others won’t be available at all.
    We hope you will purchase the book. It will have many previously unseen photos and historical information in it.

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